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Experience a healing like you have 
never imagined...

We are Twin Flames

Our Highest Divine Purpose as twins is to open the hearts of humanity through the purest form of love, the union of two souls as they are the same soul...
Twins flames are the balance of male & female one to the other and mirror all the love that is within both to shine upon humanity revealing manifested form of pure love in the physical. Douglas holds his masculine and my feminine, I (Judi) hold my feminine and his masculine.  Meeting is a recognition of him mirroring my balance of male & female and him mirroring my female & male creating hence: the figure 8 flow of male to female & female to male.  The recognition is much like identical twins, as feeling each other even when apart in the physical. 
Twin Flames reunited in the physical fulfill a high destiny... to serve humanity...this is the reason for the strong physical ties that are very deep and manifest everything we create as a union, together.  Ours is to assist all towards complete love within while revealing unity with our God Given Gifts combined...as Twins

Healing hearts is our purpose.  Aligning each heart with their own unique vibration as Divinely planned.  

Each group healing is unique as Judi's intuition moves her to the energies that are in need as a collective whole.  
This is an interactive clearing that is based on the individual's while weaving the groups needs ultimately guided towards unity. Her healing abilities are a combination of Reiki Mastership, IET Mastership, God Gifted Reconstructive Healing, Yoga Instructor, Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist, Chakra Therapist, Crystal and Tibetan Weaver Therapist. Utilizing the given abilities with the power of God and his host of Angels joining the frequencies of Doug's gifted healing abilities through his love saturated music is unlike any experience imaginable. 

Just imagine the combined energies of multiple people during a group healing... 

The Spiritual power is multiplied by each persons own power of intention to heal thus bringing the entire group to a higher plane, many times over until ultimate healing is obtained and suspended in pure love and unity.  

The intention of a group brings them towards mutual love  thus creating a unique and a beautiful experience!  A sacred space is created first then uplifted by the group intention to open and heal allowing humanity to expand their hearts towards self love and each other creating a powerful support system that is beyond an explanation of any words. 

Unity support creates a Mass Healing that sweeps our planet like no heart has experienced, entwined with the gifts of Twin Flames and their destiny to pave the way back to pure love here and now.

There are so many hearts to open and ask to step into the light for healing...

Our intention as Twin Flames is to reach each and every one...

Love and Light,
Judi & Doug


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